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293 useradd/del/mod should be ZFS-aware

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        userdel - delete a user's login from the system
-       userdel [-r] login
+       userdel [-r [-z|-Z]] login
        The userdel utility deletes a user account from the system and makes
        the appropriate account-related changes to the system file and file
        The following options are supported:
-       -r
+       -r [-z|-Z]
              Remove the user's home directory from the system. This directory
              must exist.  The files and directories under the home directory
              will no longer be accessible following successful execution of
-             the command.
+             the command.  CHANGE_ZFS_FS option in /etc/default/useradd file
+             determines if ZFS filesystem underlying user home directory will
+             be destroyed. If user's home directory is a ZFS file system and
+             CHANGE_ZFS_FS option is set to yes, the filesystem will be
+             destroyed. -z and -Z options allow overwrite default behavior.
+             If -z option is specified, userdel tries to destroy file system.
+             If -Z option is specified, file system is not destroyed.
        The following operands are supported:

@@ -59,10 +65,14 @@
              Cannot remove or otherwise modify the home directory.
+       /etc/default/useradd
+                         useradd, usermod and userdel configuration file
                          system password file